News & Updates April 18, 2016
The Angels Community Clinic cannot take in any medications from patients. I know, people want to know their unused medications went for a good cause, but due to regulations we are unable to use them. (And Missions are no longer accepting them). Please take them to the Sheriffs office for proper disposal. We also get wonderful durable medical equipment donations but we don't have the room to store those items. Please call the Center for Accessible Living @ 1051 N 16th St, Murray, KY 42071 Phone:(270) 753-7676. They have a storage facility. And if you need some durable medical equipment, they probably have it and would be glad to help you. Continue to donate to the Angels Attic, it helps us take care of you and yours. (We never know when we may need this help ourself) If you know of someone living in Calloway County that doesn't have insurance and needs health care, please send them our way 1005 Poplar Street or have them call 270-759-2223.

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